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Course : Switching over-voltage – Phenomena review and modeling with EMTP-ATP

The objective of this course is to illustrate the modeling of phenomena related to switching in MV network with EMTP-ATP

Main content:

  • Introduction to switching over-voltage, applicable standard requirements
  • Modeling and simulation of switching phenomena
  • Switching-off related phenomena
  • Switching-on related phenomena
  • Protection against switching over-voltages
  • Practical studies: Investigation of switching over-voltages in an offshore wind farm

 Prerequisite requirements: Basic knowledge of electrical engineering will be necessary.
 lecturer: Mrs. Dr. Thi Thu Ha Pham, Schneider-Electric, France


The course is a one-day course on Wednesday, September 6t, at the same location like the conference.

Exact time of the day will be announced later.

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